Use of the Single Sign-On (SSO) facility at the College requires successful authentication. On this screen, you should enter your network username and corresponding password. Once these are entered and the authentication process is successful, you will be presented with a menu of icons for the various applications to which you have access and appropriate security rights. If you do not see an item that you feel should be in the menu, please contact the help desk at (864) 250-8000 and get a ticket opened with the service desk. All usage of this system is logged for security purposes.
The What's My Username page will open into a new tab on your browser. You should be prepared to enter your Last Name, and then either your Social Security Number or your Datatel ID Number. Be aware that these numbers will appear in the boxes and are not suppressed as in many applications. Exercise good caution in data entry and ensure that people are not looking over your shoulder and attempting to view your terminal session in any way. Once the data is entered, press the enter key and your username will be displayed to you. Close the tab after you have made note of your username and you will be returned to the login screen.
× This utility allows users to maintain and recover their password. Registration is needed to use this utility. Click on this link for instructions on how to register.
System Requires Authentication
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